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Richard TENG
CEO ADGM Financial services regulatory authority

"We are pleased to collaborate with PwC to develop a forward-thinking and world-class summit that will define the vision of FinTech in the MENA region.  Having successfully launched the Regulatory Laboratory in November last year, the FinTech Abu Dhabi Summit will be designed as a catalyst event that provides immersion and discussions that will challenge the stakeholders to think ahead of the ecosystem needed to support FinTech innovation. It will be an open platform that supports greater collaboration and valuable networking across ecosystem players and builders.

ADGM will continue to play its part as an international financial centre and regulator in fostering the right and conducive Fintech environment for innovators, financial institutions and companies to succeed together.”


Haskell Garfinkel
PwC Partner and FinTech Co-Lead

"We are excited to collaborate with ADGM to highlight Abu Dhabi’s strengths as a regional FinTech Hub and develop the framework and commitments needed for FinTech innovation to thrive in the MENA and GCC region. The FinTech Abu Dhabi Summit will reinforce the benefits of ADGM’s regulatory framework, showcase its RegLab participants, and convene global and regional leaders across the innovation landscape to shape the vision of ADGM’s FinTech Future."